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Client, M.

"Through True Impact Counseling Services, PLLC, Mr. Williams has been a tremendous support system in my personal life by providing me with guidance and wisdom. During the time I’ve been working with Mr. Williams as my therapist, he has helped me progress as a young man allowing me to identify my strengths and weaknesses in reshaping my personal growth and development. Although, Mr. Williams primarily focuses on men’s issues, Mr. Williams was able to work with my wife and I on ways to effectively communicate and learn how to adapt as a union, together as a family. Each session, Mr. Williams offers me real-world application accommodating strategies and techniques for me to use through my daily interactions with others as well as various situations that need attention. I would highly recommend Mr. Williams as he is holistic in his approach of nurturing the whole individual in a judge-free interaction and comfortable setting. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with Mr. Williams..." 


Clients P. and C.

My fiancée and I felt it was important to go through pre-marital counseling and are so happy that we found Travis and True Impact Counseling Services.  Travis has been phenomenal in helping us create a solid foundation to build upon for our upcoming marriage.  He is caring, fair, and deeply invested in sharing his insights, experiences, and tools to keep us focused on becoming a better version of ourselves.  We immediately saw improvements in our communication and our relationship has truly been enriched for having embarked on this journey.  Travis has been a delight to work with and we would highly recommend Travis to all couples seeking advice and support.


Client, D. 

"True Impact Counseling, Travis Williams, helped me and my husband get through a very rough time.  Being a woman (and a couple) of faith, it was a blessing to find a Counselor who put God at the head of his practice.  Facing infidelity, my world was shaken like a 10.0 magnitude earthquake, in what I thought was an unshakable marriage, but I knew that I wanted my marriage to survive.  Travis was patient and very resourceful.  He reminded me of who I belong to, who has the power to repair, restore, and who would bring my marriage through this challenging time.

Working with Travis helped me to regain my sense of worth, helped my husband overcome feelings of guilt and remorse, and provided us with amazing tools to restore trust & respect, and has moved our marriage to a level we did not know existed.  We now have goals for our marriage.  We have the tools to help us get through other life challenges that will come our way. Our marriage is stronger than a 10.0 earthquake because of True Impact Counseling!"

Client, B.

"Working with True impact Counseling Services, PLLC has been a fantastic journey for me. I started my healing and growth about 4 to 5 months ago and have made tremendous progress emotionally, mentally, as well as physically. Now you may wonder why I say physically, and I will explain. Before working with Travis Williams, I lacked the necessary tools to process and handle life’s challenges. Frequently I let things build up inwardly, which forced me to begin to experience anxiety, hypertension, and depression.  My symptoms were so bad I was placed on medications to address my symptoms.  Meeting Travis  was and is the answer to my prayers.   I prayed for someone compassionate, understanding, knowledgeable, and real to help me deal with life circumstances and changes. Having now worked with Travis for the time I have, he has equipped me with so much so that I can see life from a different vantage point. I have become much more mature in situations, and I have been removed from all medications! True impact Counseling Services, PLLC is a place where you can heal, learn about yourself, and be equipped with the tools you need to navigate life’s many changes. You will be met with someone who I believe can lead and help you face whatever you’ve been through or will have to go through because you will be the best version of yourself.” 

Client, C.

"About 3 years ago I had a major event that made me look hard at my life. Since then I have seen many different therapists.  Some were a pretty good match but I kept looking until I found the best match, True Impact Counseling Services.  I have now worked with Travis for about a year and half.  He was  excellent for the beginning of my crisis and has been great for regular sessions which I have done both in person and video chats.  I needed more than talk therapy and Travis has delivered a mix of supportive therapy, CBT and DBT.  I regularly find that Travis is able understand my needs and is able to give me real world solutions.  He often gives me a few different solutions. One of the most important aspects of treatment at True Impact Counseling Services  is that it goes beyond just listening and making insightful comments it is real treatment that helps you reshape yourself.  I can say honestly that Travis has helped me think in a different way and live a different better life." 


Clients M. and D.

We came to True Impact Counseling Services for couple’s therapy. After twenty-one (21) years of marriage our communication skills had eroded and needed work. From our first meeting, Travis helped us focus on core issues. He was always prepared for our meetings and used handouts as lecture, reference, and homework guides. He asked poignant/targeted questions which addressed our emotions and resulting behavior. A safe space to discuss issues allowed us to look at our relationship as a couple and individuals. It did not take long to get back on track. We would recommend Travis Williams as a counselor. He has a broad spectrum of knowledge, is innovative and on point, and he cares.

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