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Our Mission is to provide quality counseling services that encourages positive change in the lives of our clients.  We accomplish this by respectfully challenging, supporting, and equipping clients with new skill sets.  We assert that all clients can impact and influence their circumstances.  We are committed to meeting people where they are in life and working to help them attain their stated goals by developing new perspectives and overcoming unproductive perspectives and behaviors.  Therapy can be tough.  But we promise that as we work together to address your goals for therapy, we will be here to support you in your healing, growth, or self-discovery.  Since you are on our website, a congratulations is needed.  So congratulations for setting an intention, following through with that intention and making a wise decision to prioritize yourself, your relationship, or a family member in your care.   Seeking help is hard.  And we commend you for overcoming cynicism and fear to inquire about the services we provide.   Now that you are here take time to learn more about us and our services.

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Whether you are here to map out your next steps in life, process your grief, or learn how to live and cope despite trauma, we are here for you.  Our approach to therapy emphasizes nonjudgement, emotional and interpersonal skill building, as well as behavioral changes.  We have fully and provisional licensed clinicians trained and equipped with the tools and experience to meet you where are in life and prepared to you help you get back on track.


Our approach to couples therapy starts with a detailed couples assessment designed to explore strengths and current challenges.  Topics covered in sessions might include intimacy challenges, communication issues, codependency, affair recovery, or detachment.  Emphasis is placed on exploring challenges, and providing a safe space that allows for transparency, healing, and skill building to address issues identified in your assessment. We also provide premarital counseling to couples that are currently engaged and planning to marry within next year.  

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Job Candidate

As a North Carolina Board of Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors Qualified Supervisor, Travis Williams provides clinical supervision for associate level clinical mental health counselors.  Supervision topics include interventions and techniques, case conceptualization, and ethical behavior.  Supervision also includes goals for increased self-awareness and may involve examining personal behaviors, thoughts, and or feelings that are elicited by clients.  As supervisees progress through clinical training, topics will evolve to include planning for career paths and examining career options.  Evaluation of the supervisees include reviews of audio or video recorded sessions, live observations, and or co-therapy.  If you are an NCBLCMHC Associate and interested in securing clinical supervision or exploring alternative options to your current supervision agreement, contact Travis Williams directly at  Please type clinical supervision in your subject line.


National Institute on Health defines emotional wellness as, “The ability to successfully handle life’s stresses and adapt to change and difficult times.”  As such, our clinicians emphasize the following major topics to accomplish emotional wellness goals:

  • Resilience

  • Stress Management

  • Mindfulness

  • Healthy Coping Strategies

  • Social Connection


Coaching and wellness services are designed to address significant changes such as career transitions, retirement, goal setting, poor motivation/ procrastination, and time management/ organization skills. Coaching and wellness services are not appropriate for individuals that have a diagnosable DSM-V mental health disorder.  But is a good option for individuals that just feel stuck, or looking to strategize their next move, or seeking accountability for the promises made but unkept.  

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