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Along with the traditional definition of individual therapy, my approach with clients includes homework assignments, goal setting, challenges, and active engagement.  It is not uncommon for memories, circumstances, maladaptive behaviors, and negative emotions to be avoided, because of the disappointment, pain, and anxiety they cause.  However, these issues are often the focus of individual therapy sessions.  For that reason, an active and collaborative partnership between client and counselor is essential.  As far as why people seek individual therapy sessions, it is totally up to the person.  However, some of the more common reasons people seek professional counseling include:


  • Anxiety

  • Anger Management

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Depression

  • Life Transitions

  • Personal Growth and Development


The purpose of this type of therapy is to help couples identify what is positive and working in their relationship, assist the couple in developing or acquiring the skills needed to repair their relationship or to reestablish trust and communication when unhealthy factors have come between them. The emphasis during our sessions is focused on how couples with the temporary assistance of a stabilizing third party, learn how to reestablish a healthy, balanced, and mutually supportive relationship with one another.  Sessions begin with an initial session that includes an assessment, which explores the couple’s relationship, as well as the challenges the couple is currently experiencing.  The number of treatment sessions varies from couple to couple.  Those seeking couples therapy include:


  • Married Couples that have identified persistent problems in their marriages which they have not been able to overcome on their own, and those seeking to be proactive in improving an already healthy relationship with the help of a professional

  • Engaged couples seeking premarital counseling- emphasis here is focused on assisting couples with the development of communication skills, goal setting, understanding their identity as a couple unit, and exploring their expectations for each other

  • Couples that have filed for divorce or seriously contemplating divorce.


What is Premarital Counseling?


Premarital Counseling* is a form of couples counseling that enhances a couple’s readiness for marriage. Typically, sessions cover expectations for marriage, each partner’s desires and needs, their strengths and their areas for improvement. Sessions also examine concerns that have been identified while dating, which have not been addressed, that present potential barriers to commitment. Premarital counseling often identifies areas for growth and personal development before marriage, resulting in a better understanding of the individual self, and the unique attributes and strengths that he or she brings to a marriage. Usually, couples attend 4 to 6 sessions in which they work with a trained therapist and explore various topic areas that commonly arise as potential challenges for married couples.


When I work with couples during their premarital counseling sessions, it is within a Christian context. However, sessions should not be considered as a replacement for pastoral counseling that some faith leaders may require as part of their officiating duties. But sessions can be considered a complementary aid to pastoral counseling where couples address conflict resolution, interpersonal, and communication skills that are needed for a healthy marriage.

All couples I work with are required to write a one to two-page essay that explains, why X is the wife or husband for me. This essay is used as a tool to explore the couple’s relationship along with extensive work that covers the following:


  • Faith

  • Communication

  • Stress and conflict

  • Personal and family boundaries

  • How will decisions be made

  • Children/blended Family

  • Finances

  • Intimacy

  • Individual issues such as trust, fear, addiction, trauma, past hurts

  • Self-awareness



Virtual Premarital Counseling


Given the realities of life, which may involve extensive travel commitments for work, working on opposite schedules, or just couples that lack the time for in-office appointments, virtual premarital counseling can accommodate couples who need premarital counseling, but find that they cannot participate due to their time constraints. True Impact Counseling Services, PLLC uses ZOOM video meeting as its secured platform for virtual counseling sessions. The process simply involves downloading the ZOOM cloud meeting app and logging on at your scheduled meeting time.

Virtual Counseling is not recommended for couples that are in crisis. For couples in crisis, it is recommended that they attend in-office appointments only.



*   Premarital counseling sessions are not covered by insurance

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