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Our Mission

 Is to provide quality counseling that encourages positive change in the lives of our clients.  We accomplish our mission by respectfully challenging, supporting, and equipping those we serve.  We assert that all clients can impact and influence their circumstances.  We are committed to meeting our clients where they are in life and working to help them attain their stated goals.

who we are

Who we are

Some of you reading this information may be experiencing the sudden loss of a loved one, while others may be experiencing the emotional roller coaster of divorce or separation.  Yet for others, an inability to resolve persistent feelings of self-doubt, to control your anger, or have effective communication with your spouse may have prompted you to seek professional help. Some may find themselves in need of consultation and direction to help strategize their efforts to accomplish personal and professional goals.  Whatever the reason or circumstance, remember these two things: 1) you are not alone and 2) seeking help is the first step one takes to initiate positive change in their circumstance.  We consider it a privilege that you are considering True Impact Counseling Services, PLLC as a potential resource.  Seeking counseling is not a cure-all for difficult life circumstances; nevertheless, we sincerely hope that if we work together, our partnership will allow us to discover new perspectives to your challenges and that together we will identify techniques and strategies to facilitate positive change that is impactful!

Therapy session

Individual therapy takes place when a client and counselor work one-on-one to explore feelings, maladaptive behaviors, thought patterns, or influential memories, that the client would like to change, better understand, or overcome.

Couple Dancing

Couples Therapy is a form of therapy used to treat systemic and individual distress in a couple’s relationship.

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Providing Clinical Supervision to North Carolina LMHC Associates

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